Polyurethane Injection System
Poliüretan Enjeksiyon Sistemleri


NOVA MAKINA, has a significant experience about chemical injection since 2008. Especially after joining forces with ADCOS NV in 2009 and SPETEC NV in 2016, we stand in a strong position in the market. We had breakthrough in the market after starting to produce our own resin pumps and packers. With many experienced applicator teams, NOVA MAKINA has delivered a solution for expansion joints.

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Poliüretan Enjeksiyon Sistemleri

First Step

Water leakage points are detected and drilled with different lengths and angles. Special mechanical packers are installed into the holes.

Second Step

According to the water leakage and the type of the job, the resin (polyurethane, acrylic, silicate and single or two component) will be selected.  The process starts with pumping the material into the holes with special chemical injection pumps. The resin starts expanding in the cracks with high bonding to concrete, soil etc. and penetrates to each grain. If the main aim is to cut the leakage, a fast-reactive resin and high expanding rate shall be selected.  For soil consolidation, a resin type has a very thin viscosity without expanding shall be selected.

Third Step

When the application is completed, it should be followed for a few days or week.  None of the resin injection application can be completed with primary application only.  In any case, secondary and/or tertiary application can be necessary. Because water can move in very thin cracks and new cracks can be leak over time in the buildings.